Best Video Poker Games

Video poker adds the convenience and ease of playing online to the classic thrill of casino gambling. Note that video poker is different from player-versusplayer poker platforms, which is another wildly-popular variation of poker online. In video poker games, you’re simply battling the odds against a random generator.
And even with video poker in a casino setting, this game enjoys preferential treatment from many gamblers due to its many advantages. It’s among the casino games where the house doesn’t enjoy a significant advantage over players. The screen layout is usually simple, but the game plays fast—adding to the over-all thrill of the process. It’s also a great starter for people who are fans of skill-dependent games, but who lack the experience (or composure!) necessary to win an actual game of poker. These games also banner great pay out rates and multiple possibilities for players to rack up nice prizes.

The Top Video Poker Games

As mentioned above, this type of game has risen to such immense popularity that a lot of major casinos have stocked up their gambling array with platforms for it. You’ll find a great number of options to choose from and it can easily get overwhelming—especially when you’re a novice.
To help you out with this, we’ve compiled a list of the top video poker games below, along with descriptions to give you a better view of how these games can go.

1. Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild is a wildly-popular variation of video poker. Full-Pay Deuces Wild boasts an impressive return rate of 100.76%. This pretty much tells you that the house practically has no edge over the player. In here, a standard deck with 52 cards is used. If this appeals to you, go ahead and give it a try. For starters, we recommend that you be in the lookout for Deuces Wild variants with odds of 15/9 or higher. This setup yields an average return to player of around 99.7%. The odds are determined by Five of a Kind and Straight Flush payouts, which are 15 to 1 and 9 to 1, respectively.

2. Double Bonus Poker
Using one standard deck of cards, Double Bonus Poker veers away from using “Wild” cards (unlike Deuces Wild above). Generous pay outs are available for players who collect specific winning hands. There’s also an Expert Mode where an Auto-Play option can be activated. If you’re looking to try this game, try to look for the version that has 10/7 odds for Flush Hands and Full House, which gives a theoretical return of around 100.17%.

3. Jacks or Better
Although Jacks or Better has a relatively-less impressive player return of 99.54%, it’s considered a must-try for video poker fans. Like Double Bonus Poker, it uses a standard deck with no “Wild” cards. The recommended variation for people who are looking to try this game out is the one with odds of 9/6. This version pays out 50 to 1 for a Straight flush and a nice 800 to 1 for a Royal Flush.

So there you have it! These are the top video poker options that you might want to consider, but there are many more variations out there waiting for you to explore them! A good site to check if you are a beginner is  Slot machines, roulette, videos poker, online casinos have so much to offer!